Facetime for PC/Laptop : Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Facetime for PC: It is an exclusive application that comes preinstalled in all Apple products, be it an iPhone, iPad or a MacBook. This video chatting application is the perfect way to enjoy uninterrupted video calling experience. This application of Apple that allows users to chat for long durations and that too with voice clarity and distinct picture quality was unveiled in 2010. Since then, this is a big hit among Apple users as this distinctive application is an exclusive privilege only for Apple users.

In this technological era, social networking sites have become an integral part of our lives. We want to stay connected to our social circles and Facetime helps in maintaining these social connections. The only criterion is that there should be Apple users on both ends for Facetime to happen. This app, which comes inbuilt for its users, has superb quality. Apart from quality, let’s see what the other fantastic features of this wonderful app, which make it such a massive hit that every Apple user vouches for it.

Download Facetime for Windows PC & Laptop:


Though there is a rising demand for getting this app released for Android users too, so far no such thing has happened on facetime for windows. However, Android users have many other options similar to Facetime. But if Windows users still want to experience Facetime only, here’s how they can do it.

  1. Download the Android emulator on your machine and install it.
  2. Once it is done, sign into Google Play Store.
  3. After signing in, click on the “search” button and type Facetime app.
  4. Once it appears, just hit on the “Install” button and the installation process will start automatically.

facetime-for-pc (1)

The entire process takes only around 10 minutes to complete. In this manner, even a non-iOS user can install and experience Facetime, though it is not officially approved by Apple.

Features of Facetime for Windows:

  • It is better in audio quality than the regular cell phone connection.
  • It has a very simple user interface, which makes it extremely user-friendly.
  • The ‘mute’ option lets the caller see you, but can’t hear you and you can mute a call anytime on the go.
  • You also have the option of not being seen while talking.
  • It is free of cost and that makes it the preferred choice for international calls.
  • Besides being free, it supports HD video calling.This means you get the best quality. In fact, it feels that you are sitting next to the person and chatting. So, we can say it offers a real time experience of meeting your friends and family.
  • No special account or screen name is required. You can search a person with their phone numbers or Apple id.
  • If you want to show the person at the other end what you are seeing, you can make use of rear camera through Facetime.
  • It allows making a video conference with a group of your buddies, but then the data speed needs to be really good.
Facetime for PC/Laptop : Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7
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Facetime Video Call – Download Similar Apps Like Facetime

Facetime is a hit app from Apple and is loved and used by the entire Apple community. The software that enables other operating systems to have Facetime is not yet developed. Although, the rising demand for Facetime for android is not yet met, there are numerous Facetime similar apps available in the market and can be used across various platforms.


This intuitive video app from iOS is a program that is such a massive hit that it has turned into a generic verb something similar to ‘Xerox.’ Nowadays you don’t do video chatting but; in fact, you do Facetime with them. And, the hard reality is that if you have Android phone, you can’t. Facetime remains exclusive privilege of Apple users and the non-iOS users have to be content with similar apps like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Hangouts, and Viber.

Similar Apps for Facetime Video Call:

Let’s see the Facetime video call similar apps for Android users considering features, reliability, restrictions, and price.

1. Google Hangouts: This service from Google is for both. You can have video chat or real-time text chat. The best thing about it is that it connects cross-platform and is linked to the Google ID of the user. The platform is designed in a way that up to ten people can converse simultaneously. Data Latency is one front where Hangouts has an edge over Facetime. While Apple suggests using Facetime when connected to a Wi-Fi, Hangouts functions better with cellular data.


2. Skype: First released in 2003, this big daddy of video chatting still hangs on successfully. It is still the most convenient and appropriate tool used for bridging the distance between you and your family or friends. As this software syncs seamlessly with the commonly used operating systems, it is the perfect choice that is accessible to a large number of users. It works in varied bandwidths and keeps a watch over the quality of call.


3. Viber: This new kid on the block added video chat functionality only in 2014, but is fast catching up. One of the striking features of Viber is that this app has clean and instinctive design. As it entered the market in the era of smartphones, it was built from the scratch keeping in mind the phone screen. This app’s biggest flaw is that the user cannot communicate with those who are not on this app.


4. Yahoo Messenger: Yahoo Messenger is rather a convenient choice for Yahoo mail users as they don’t require opening another account to access Messenger service. The interface of Yahoo Messenger is simple and the picture and voice quality is good.



Developers are constantly busy improving the user experience, so you can expect the apps with new features, services and better stability to surface. With lots of applications available these days for video calling and conferencing, the best thing would be to research and find what suits you the best to have a pleasant video chatting experience.

Facetime Video Call – Download Similar Apps Like Facetime
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Facetime For Mac – Download Facetime App on iPhone, iPad

Facetime for Mac: Facetime is Apple’s video and audio calling service exclusively for Apple users. It is inbuilt on all Apple devices and is extremely convenient to use and stay in touch with family and friends. It can be taken as a phone that uses Wi-Fi or cellular data connection instead of traditional phone lines to be connected. The video and audio quality is very good and you can be in touch with your loved ones even on the move if you have good cellular data. If you are unaware of how to get Facetime for iPhone or iPad, don’t fret; it is very easy.

facetime for mac

Facetime For Mac, iPhone and iPad:

This app is inbuilt on every Apple device, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac, and Facetime is also integrated into the Phone app on iPhone. So, you need not worry about downloading anything. All you need is to have a Wi-Fi plan or cellular data. Once that is in place, you can connect with anyone in the world chatting endlessly in real time. The only limitation is that you need Apple device on both caller and receiver ends.


Facetime App for iPhone, iPad:

Here’s how you can make a Facetime call from your iPad or iPhone.

  • Launch the Facetime app from the Home screen of your device.
  • On one side, you’ll see the list of contacts that you have in your Address Book. Just tap on the one you’d like to make a Facetime call to.
  • Once you tap on the contact, you have the option to either choose their phone number or Apple ID. You can add or remove addresses and have the flexibility of setting any active number or address as your Caller ID.
  • Once you choose the number or email, the Facetime call will initiate.
  • When the person on the other side accepts the video call,you’ll see ‘Connecting’. That’s it!Once connected, you can conveniently talk for as long as you want.
  • You can also do the Facetime call using messages. When you are viewing a particular message and want to call that particular person, just tap the blue contact option in the top-right corner followed by the resulting Facetime video icon at the top of the screen to invite that person to a Facetime video call.

facetime for iphone

Turn On, Off, and Restrict Facetime on iPhone or iPad

Facetime for ipad or iphone is automatically activated when you turn on your new device for the first time. You might not want to keep it activated always or you might like to restrict access. All that is possible and you can also turn if off entirely if you wish too.

Block Contacts on Facetime for iPhone and iPad

There’s always a need to block those unwanted callers who try to indulge in your space and are a nuisance to your peace. Facetime gives you the option to block them. If you have blocked someone wrongly, you also have the option of unblocking.

Facetime For Mac – Download Facetime App on iPhone, iPad
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Facetime For Android OS – Best Alternatives to Facetime

You know that Facetime is specially designed for iOS devices. So there is no chance of downloading Facetime for Android device but still, you can enjoy Facetime features with the best alternatives of Facetime App. So, this is why today I have come with the best alternatives for Facetime. If you were looking Facetime for Android then don’t waste your time, as you won’t get official Facetime for Android. Here, in this article, you will get all the feature of Facetime.

Top of else, you have come to know that this app is not available for Android to enjoy but that not the end of hope. Yes, there is no Facetime for Android, but you can have or download some of the best Facetime alternatives. And I have come with a list of the best alternatives for Facetime. Without wasting time searching Facetime for Android, you should be reading this article.

Facetime APK – Alternatives to Facetime for Android:


Google is working hard to give their Android user best experience with its Operating System. As a result, you will find a lot of apps library on Google Play Store. Facetime is an Apple product or Apple’s native video app for iOS users to share your moment. Literally, you don’t video chat with this program, but you face the time of them or let them face your time. Apple is always known being innovative and making a polished app. Hence, the app also comes with great idea, features.

Don’t ever think to download Facetime for your Android smartphone, though you can use download this downloading iOS emulator (iEMU). But I don’t believe that this is a good idea to have Facetime on your Android device, while you can have best Facetime alternative apps for your Android device.

Best Alternatives for Facetime App on Android:

So let’s see which are the best alternative for Facetime for Android device.

  • Google Duo App

Why Facetime while you can have Google Duo for your device? You may be listening to this name of the first time, as Google has recently launched their new Duo app for the Android and iOS users. Using this app was pretty pleasant experience, forgot Facetime, here you get everything with a simple Google Duo app.

This app is the direct answer to the Apple Facetime app. Making a call between Android to Android and Android to iOS phones is easier now with one-to-one calling feature. It has Knock-Knock feature that let you see who is calling and show you the live video even before you answer the video chat. However, A user can also disable this feature.


Google Duo app is super simple and a user-friendly interface. After opening the app, you’ll see yourself, as the front camera will open and below will see icons of your contact list. Click on the contact icon and you are on a video call. The app is less than 10MB in size, optimize which explains everything how simple is that. Download Google Duo app for your Android as the best alternatives for Facetime.

  • Google Hangout

Ohho! Google again in the list but now Hangout. Most of us don’t know the power of the Hangout app. It’s a video, voice calling, and instant text chat app that comes with almost every Android device. This Android native app is also a great alternative app of Facetime.

The great thing about this app is Group video chat; you can add up to 10 people in your video chat. And of course personal chat with all your Gmail circle. Hangoptimizeddata latency management, which deals much better with your cellular data. On the other hand, Facetime recommends Wi-Fi for using its feature. So, I don’t find any reason to look Facetime for Android device.


Hangout is free to download and free to video, voice call and text chat. So that, download now Google Hangout for your device and enjoy Hangout over Facetime.

  • Skype

Here is yet another best alternative for Facetime or this app is also works similar to Apple’s Facetime. Microsoft own Skype is not new name for frequent video callers. The app come with some good features that never let you think download Facetime for Android. Connect to your friends and family with pure video calling experience and voice calling as well. You can choose video quality for uninterrupted video calling experience as per your internet speed.


The app is free to download and you can call to any Skype user without any issue. you can also connect to your friends circle with group video chat feature. All you need is a good internet connection on your device. Download this amazing app for your Android device right now.

Yes, Facetime is a good video calling app for iOS device users but that doesn’t meant that Android users are behind in terms of Facetime feature. A lot of Factime alternatives for Android users and  those are also come for free. Hence, I have given you the best alternatives for Facetime. So, no need to look Facetime for Android, Download any of the app from my best alternatives for Facetime list.

Facetime For Android OS – Best Alternatives to Facetime
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