Facetime Video Recorder – Record Audio Calls on Mac [iPhone iPad]

Among all video and audio call recording programs, FaceTime is known to record different audio and video calls for iOS and Mac users. Presently it is deemed as one of the best programs that number of users are using around the globe as this program offers high-end efficiency and unlimited call opportunities. In addition, users will be able to add camera to their devices and make glitch free video calls.

Moreover, Facetime never comes with built-in screen recording function to arrest memorable cherished moments throughout the video call conversation. Now in such situation, number of users are seen to be looking for a useful and effective means to record video which you will come across online.

FaceTime Video, Audio Recorder for iOS Users:

  • When it is about recording your preferred FaceTime conversation on Mac OS X, the finest most efficient way is to complete the venture by using high end, authentic Mac Screen Recorder.
  • There are different efficient screen recording apps designed suitably for Mac devices, which are in no way different from the default programs.
  • While using this tool, recording turns out easier a process and users can easily record anything in the same way from their Mac screen which involves online videos, game plays as same as FaceTime conversation.
  • Apart from recording the specific area together with full screen, recording tool is also known to offer the webcam feeds recording which is of course ideal for conducting commentaries.
  • However, here the audio input as well as the microphone is optional. Furthermore, this app also offers a privilege of using embedded annotating tool which will be helping you attach different marks such as lines, arrows and shapes.

Download and Install Facetime App:

  • When you want to take advantage of Facetime video recorder and want to record all the calls as well you have to follow few downloading steps suitably and properly.
  • You have to download the app and install the same without cracking anywhere. You have to access the ‘Options’ first and then configure the settings of audio and video also the hotkeys which you prefer primarily. Then you have to open the FaceTime app and initiate the video call and become prepared for recording.
  • Then you need to record the mode for example “ Region” next you have to keep the recording frame together with the area which you want to record and immediately you have to click OK. Soon the recording will begin.
  • The moment you have completed the conversation, you have to click the button Stop and your recorded video will be popping up in an instant and will be saved in the area which you specify.
  • More importantly, this screen recorder comes with some of the useful helpful features only to make the task easier and simpler. Certainly it wont be recording a video repeatedly by making use of a task scheduler also changing the video to different other formats with the help of a built-in converter.

How to Record Facetime Video and Voice Calls:

  • When you want to make video calls and video recordings by means of iOS device, then there are different iPad recorders are available and making use of recorder on iPhone Facetime conversation can be recorded.
  • There is no requirement for tweaking or hacking the device.
  • The moment you are connecting your iPad or iPhone with the WiFi or other data plan you can use the app quite comfortably.
  • Apart from recording, this app comes with modern screen capture function in case when you are looking for an image instead of video.
  • You will be having 7 video formats to make use of and when you are saving your video in GIF format, you will later be having best video watching experience.

Detailed Steps to Download Facetime Calls : Video & Audio

  • The moment the app is installed the program is needed to be launched on the PC and preset the overall settings such as the output format together with the audio input.
  • Then activating “AirPlay”, iOS device is connected to the program. All you have to follow the instructions as detailed in the pop up window.
  • For recording, you need to hit the Record button and automatically recording will start.
  • Now you have to end the recording by clicking the Stop button and certainly the recorded video will be saved in the allotted folder.