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May i be your sex toy on this nasty day

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Given nnasty fact that sex toys are, well, sex toys, you'd think manufacturers would be extra careful about what materials are used to create.

Turns out, there are surprisingly few regulations imposed on the industry: The FDA doesn't concern itself with any adult products unless they're considered "medical devices," which most aren't, and phthalates, which can mess with your hormones, causing reproductive and neurological damage and even infertility, are banned in kids' toys in the U. A recent Swedish Chemical Agency study examined 44 sex toys imported in Sweden and found that three contained phthalates and one contained banned chemicals called perth sex escorts paraffins, which have been linked to cancer.

Liz Klingercofounder and CEO of the sex-toy company Lionesssaw the effects of subpar quality control herself when she sold sex toys for another company. I stopped selling those products—and got a lot more skeptical about what was out. Since manufacturers aren't always vigilant about how they make their sex toys, here's how you as a customer can look out for. More holes means more places for bacteria to get into, explains Klinger.

Three Safety Tips to Memorize If You Use Sex Toys | Glamour

Silicone, glass, and metal are your best bets, since they're not porous and you can easily clean out china dating service bacteria that does happen to find its way into.

Anything labeled "silicone" is iffy, though, because it could mean a blend of silicone and a bunch of other stuff, or something else entirely—which is why it's important to find out how reliable the company is see 2 before you buy. That uour the impetus to do some research is on you, the customer.

Don't just buy the first or cheapest toy that pops up in your Google results. Look into the company and see how long it's been around, how its products have been reviewed, and what kind of relationship it has with its customers and with professional reviewers.

May i be your sex toy on this nasty day

If the price seems too good to be true, it may very well be. Clean your sex toys every time you use.

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To keep your toys from accumulating bacteria and all the nasty things that come with that, clean them after each use. Not cleaning your sex toys is the same thing but with your genitals. It's not fun.

You can use speciality wipes or a gentle but disinfecting soap with water—just make sure you do it. Use the dishwasher if and tihs if the toy's made solely of silicone, glass, or metal and doesn't use batteries.

Otherwise, jour dishwasher heats up and may cause the hardware or other heat-sensitive components to melt or break down," she explains. In short, pay attention to what your toys are made of and where that information is coming from, and make sure to keep them clean.

You do not want to end up with melted vibrators—or worse. Topics sex toys sex advice vibrators health.

Read More. By Glamour. Welcome Back to Hawkins.

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By Christopher Rosa. By Abby Gardner.